Being able to get in touch with your web hosting supplier when you have any questions or encounter any problems is really important and how fast they'll answer back and take action could be crucial, particularly if your website is business-oriented, as more downtime can often mean losing potential customers. The support options are also an easy way to identify actual suppliers from resellers. The latter in most cases reply only to emails or support tickets and you'll have to wait for a day or more so as to get an answer. If your issue calls for a few responses, you could end up losing several days so as to get a basic problem fixed. With an authentic and trustworthy hosting company, you'll be in a position to contact the support team at any moment and receive an instant response whatever the problem or the question is - customer, pre-sales or tech one.

24/7 Customer Support in Web Hosting

All of our web hosting plans offer you 24/7/365 pre-sales, customer and tech support, so no matter if you're inquiring for our web hosting solutions well before you make an order or you're a current customer and you have a question or some issue, you can contact us any time, including weekends and holidays. We have a number of channels to get in touch with us - a couple of phone lines worldwide for your convenience plus live chat support for pre-sales, billing and general questions; email messages as well as support tickets for more complex issues or any issues which require additional time to investigate and fix. In contrast to a number of other web hosting service providers, our trouble tickets feature a warranted maximum reply time of just 1 hour, which means that whatever the trouble is, it will be resolved timely and you won't waste days in order to have something fixed.