The service uptime is often overlooked by a lot of people when they're looking for a new web hosting provider, but it can often be substantially more significant in comparison with the actual plan features. It won't matter how good a plan is if the websites hosted inside the account are inaccessible for extended periods of time. This type of downtimes are often penalized by search engines like google, not mentioning the fact that visitors will most likely not revisit a site they experience issues with. For this reason, you should always check out the stability of the hosting service prior to getting a new account so as to be sure that the success of your websites is not going to depend upon third-party elements, but entirely on their content and on your advertising campaigns.

Service Uptime Guarantee in Web Hosting

When you purchase a web hosting plan from our company, we guarantee that your websites are going to be working at least 99.9% of the time. We've basically eradicated the web server downtime by using a state-of-the-art cloud hosting platform in which different groups of web servers deal with each individual part of the overall service - files, databases, emails, and so on. In that way, should there be a problem with a server, the other web servers within the cluster will simply take over and your websites will not be affected whatsoever. To prevent any infrastructure issues, we also have diesel-powered backup generators and a number of independent Internet providers. Competent admins monitor the web servers 24/7 to handle any software problems that may appear while software and hardware firewalls will prevent DDoS attacks against the servers.